Sunday, March 2, 2008

Guy Delcorso's Reps Gym in Hawthorne NJ!!

So I couldn't make it to the Arnold this weekend, which was OK, because I still kept myself busy as usual. I'm not one for wasting time, since time is the most important thing that we has people possess, so on the weekends I love to travel to different gyms and see what they are all about. I have heard people talking for years by a individual by the name of Guy Delcorso, who is the owner of Reps Gym in Hawthorne NJ. Guy a gym owner, trainer, former power lifter and bodybuilder, is a man dedicated to the aspects of not only bodybuilding but training, helping the community, and helping others. My good friend Rae Galan, whom whom won the 35 and over overall at the Mets, and took 2nd as a middle weight class at the Mets in 2007, called me up and asked if I could take a trip over to Reps this weekend to meet Guy and get a workout in. Rae has been training with Guy for years and workouts mostly at Reps, and now I see why. I met Rae after the Mets when he took second to me, I say that because the first words he ever said to me, was the week after the show I was still training for the Jr USA's and he came up behind me in the gym and put his arm around me and said, " never again my man, I'll get you next year." Ever since that day Rae and I have been very close friends, he's 37 with a 27 year old body, he is planning on doing the 2008 Nationals as a light heavy weight, where if he comes in like he did at the Mets he will be a force in Atlanta. So I walked in and saw Guy chatting with some of his fellows gym warriors, I then noticed that I knew Guy from years back when I entered my first and last bench competition. Guy was the one running it. He came right up to me and introduced himself and thanked me for coming down, after getting there the please was all mine. Again it's not the biggest gym on the East coast, but I can tell you this for a Saturday it was one of the busiest gyms I have ever seen. I trained arms and calves and got a sick workout in. After my workout I ordered food next store with my friend Ray Wright, whom has been a friend and gym warrior for over 40 years, and trained at the first gym Guy opened in 1978. Guy was running gyms when I was still a thought in my mothers head. The place is great, I was fortunate enough to meet his family, his wife, and two daughters, all great people and lend a helping hand for their hard working father when they can. He not only has all the equipment you need, along with treadmills and a cardio area, he also has a juice bar, and a mini supplement store where he carries proteins, bars, and supplements, and as of Saturday, he started carrying Species line of products there. I was done working out around 2:30pm, and didn't leave until after 5. I spent a few horus eating with Ray, shooting the shit with Guy and some of the members, chatting with his daughter, and talking to bodybuilder Tom Kite, who competes in the NPC and whom runs the juice bar at Reps. The place has a great atmosphere, and great people within it. Guy thanks for having me there and you can rest assure I will be back soon. If you guys are ever in Jersey be sure to go to Reps Gym: 18 Garfield Ave, Bloomfield, NJ. Until next time, We were all born with the ingredients but it's up to you to find the right recipe. Stay Big and Train Hard.


John Gotti said...

thats garfield ave HAWTHORNE NJ not Bloomfield
And its called GUYS GYM Now..

John Gotti said...

its in Hawthorne not bloomfield NJ
andits now called Guys Gym..