Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chest and Leg Workouts...Get a Pen and Paper

OK, so for those who have been emailing asking me how I train and my current workouts. Here is what I did this week for Chest on Monday and Legs on Tuesday. This is my current Workout split as we speak:
Monday: Chest, abs
Tuesday: Quads
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Back, abs
Friday: Shoulders, Hamstrings
Saturday: Bis, Tris, abs
Sunday: Off
(After my surgery I am switching my Leg day to Monday just a FYI)

OK, so this was what I did on Monday for chest:

Incline DB Press-100x12, 110x10, 120x10 (drop set) 60x10
Incline Smith Press-225x12, 275x10, 275x10 (drop set) 225x8
Flat Bench Hammer strength-225x12, 275x10, 275x10 (drop set) 225x8
Incline Flys-45x12, 50x10, 55x12
Cable cross overs-3 sets of 60x12-15

(These weights are not what I usually lift. Obviously I have to alter them do to my shoulder, which I am getting surgery on this Friday. So keep in mind when reading this, chest, shoulders, back, are not all as heavy as I usually go.)

So Tuesday is always a big day when I hit up the gym with my boy Dom. We both know that walking into the gym on Tuesdays we will be walking out different when we leave. This was the torture today.
Leg extensions (I decided to pre-exhaust today)- 120x15, 160x12, 180x12, 200x10
Squats-(warmed up with 225 and 315)-405X8, 425x8, 455x7, 225x15
Leg press-8 plates x 12, 16 plates x 10, 3 plates x 20
Sissy squats-2sets body wieght until failure

Those were my past two days, I'm feeling good, can't wait to start really using my normal weight and rep range again after my surgery, but I will keep posting this week for those who want to follow my style of training. Any questions or comments keep the emails coming I love hearing from all of you. Take care, be safe, STAY BIG!!!

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